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Please read our rules and regulations below, before you submitt your information to enter
Extra Ordinary Creations contest.
Rules& Regulations

  • Family, friends and friends of family cannot enter the contest at Extra Ordinary Creations.
  • There will be NO refund.
  • There will be NO exchanges or substitutions for any other gift or product .
  • Winner will pay for shipping and handling and tax.
  • When winner pays for shipping handeling and tax your prize will be sent to you.
  • Winner cannot substitute prize for money.
  • Winner will be notified by e-mail and phone, a message will be left on your phone with instructions and a e-mail will be sent. Winner must contact us within 2 business days
    of your notification that you've won. If the winner did not notify us by that time we will then proceed to the runners up, same rules apply.  
  • The winner's name will be posted by using their first name and state. No personal information will be posted.
  • By filling out the contest form you agree to all rules and regulations.
  • One entry per e-mail
  • One winner will be chosen bi-monthly
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